January 11, 2022
little waterfall exclusive 02

For all my current and future members – I have updated one of the perks with a free original painting.

I will send you one of my original paintings as a thank you for supporting my art channel. This will be on recurrent basis – for every 12 consecutive month of you being an active member.

To receive this free gift, simply contact me with your –

  • YouTube username,
  • your full name, and
  • your shipping address:

Send this information to me via:

* Please note that for all international shipping (outside of US) there is a temporary postal service disruption due to covid.

Stay inspired and creative and thank you for your continuous support!

* Become a Member Today –

soft warm sunshine glow through trees, landscape painting, acrylics, oval brush, dranitsin 02

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Ayla Heefner

Greetings Peter…such a generous offer… May I ask are your patreon videos real time videos? Do you voice over or play the lovely piano music?

February 6, 2022

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