November 8, 2018
I saw an angel brush across the screen

It left a trace of Paintan Elegance of grace

A vision that awakens the Heart a beat that sounds from the deep

It called to language

I could not speakA Man moved like a dancer revealing his show

In the magic of this painter’s eye..a gift from his palette

Make me a world that I can live in,that doe not exist with pain.

One that reminds me of the rain.

And everyday there is a sunshine,

That brings on the most beautiful nights I have ever seen.

Create me the waters that crystal from your brushand the trees that can hide me from the storm.I chose to live in your world of beauty,

For it is a world of everlasting Light.

You bring forth Hope, you calm the seas,and In YOUR HANDS I FIND PEACE. (This is what you mean to me..)

THIS POEM IS CALLED THE ARTIST’S WAY by Jackie (AKA Zair Dawn)written for Peter Dranitsin…my favorite artist now and forever. 🙂

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