Suggestions for Using Oil Paints

August 26, 2023
Suggestions for Using Oil Paints

Suggestions for Using Oil Paints

When working with oil paints, it is recommended to utilize an oil painting medium. This will enable you to blend, shade, and mix colors seamlessly.

To achieve desired results when painting layers with oils, it is essential to ensure that the bottom layer is dehydrated before applying a new one. Adding wet colors on top of each other can lead to a change in pigments.

Begin your oil painting with a thinner layer known as underpainting. This should comprise equal parts of paint, oil medium, and solvent. As you progress to each subsequent layer, reduce the solvent until the third layer needs none. This approach will result in thicker and more vibrant top layers than the initial ones.

To ensure your brushes remain in good condition when taking a break from painting for a day or longer, you must leave them in an oil medium overnight. The following day, wipe off the excess and begin painting. This ensures that your brushes remain soft and flexible.

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