Blue tree abstract painting by Peter Dranitsin, black and white landscape
Blue tree abstract painting by Peter Dranitsin, black and white landscape


Peter….a couple of questions. At one point I saw where we could join you at certain levels. I believe 4.00 for one month….14.95 for three. Something like that? I wondered how to get back to that page and what the benefit of joining is. Do you speak in the video? Do we see anything different from on youtube for free? I’d consider joining but don’t understand what is in it for me. I realize there are higher tiers for more money as well….I assume for more content? Next, if I may ask, do you use a medium on the canvas to keep the paint fluid such as a clear blend or white blend? Some gel perhaps? I also would like to purchase an oval brush…not in a pack as I already have the others….is this available? (sorry, don’t know any other way to ask you these things except here)


Hi Carol, thank you for your questions.

1 When you join this channel as a member you pay $4.99/month (no commitment – you can cancel at any time). For this level I have more than 500 EXCLUSIVE art video tutorials that are only available to members. I also post one new EXCLUSIVE art video for my members every week (usually every Wednesday). To join simply click on blue ‘JOIN’ button on my home page of my YouTube channel or follow this link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3hCdJZXe9k52K6FIzUBLeA/join

As an additional perk I will send you one of my available painting absolutely FREE after you stay with me for at least 1 year as a member. If you are a current 1 year member and you are reading this post send me an email letting me know which painting you’d like me to send you. There might be more features added in the near future.

2 I usually do not use any mediums except water and acrylics. I usually prep my canvas with water (slightly) using wet sponge just before I begin creating. This helps the paint to blend smoothly and it also helps spreading the paint across the canvas surface. If you are interested in experimenting with acrylic medium I would suggest try using floetral or acrylic paint retarder (slow drying gel).

3 At this time 3 oval brushes are sold as a set only.

4 For any other questions please contact me through my website https://www.urartstudio.com/contact

I hope this helps 👍