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Simple painting of a blue wave on abstract background – Ebony and Ultramarine

Hey guys this is Peter Dranitsin with UrArtStudio.com  Today I’ve got a very interesting and unique painting that I would like to share with you.  It’s called “Ebony and Ultramarine”. In this art video demonstration, I will create an abstract background utilizing acrylic paint. The colors I used for this painting are: Ultramarine blue, umber, red oxide, aqua green, mars black, and titanium white, burn sienna, and regular sienna. You will also need the following tools: round brush, fan brush, liner brush, pallet knife, woodgrain tool, car washing sponge and window washer.

Before I continue with this painting allow me to quickly share the inspiration for it. I have recently received this awesome watch from company called Jord. This company is specializing in unique wrist watches created out of variety of Natural Materials including wood. The colors and name of this particular watch, as you have probably guessed are: ebony and ultramarine.  When you purchase this watch you are provided with an option to customize your wrist band size as well as special engraved message on the wooden case. Everything, including watches and it’s case are of the highest quality material and very detail oriented. Even the lid of the wooden case has embedded magnets to hold it down tight. And by the way, the wooden case has small extra pullout shelf to keep all the extra stuff that comes with it. The package itself includes wood treatment and conditioning oil, wiping cloth, and instructional manual – on how to set up and care for your watch. I was really amazed at the high quality of this watch and very pleased with the service and fast shipping that Jord provides. This watch could be used as a great personalized gift for men and woman. On top of all that – this company want’s to give away $180 OFF any watch of your choice from their collection. Simply follow this link to sign up: https://www.jordwatches.com/g/peterdranitsin Contest End Date 11/4/2018. As a bonus here is another coupon you can use to get immediate $25 off & free sizing – peterdranitsin

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