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Painting orange tree trunk and blue leaves on abstract background

Hey guys! I am excited to share another abstract tree painting with you. This painting is created with wood grain tool for a beautiful abstract art background, orange tree and blue leaves on large 36×36” canvas. I used round brush to create blue leaves on this magnificent tree. I hope you will enjoy watching

Round brush used in this painting – Round Chalk Paint and Wax Brush for Furniture

Wood grain tool – Wood Graining Rubber Pattern Wall Paint Painting DIY Decoration Tool

Silicone Spatulas – to add and manipulate acrylic paint on canvas

Sponge – car wash sponge will do the trick

Paint – acrylic paint “Basics” by Liquitex brand

Water – make sure to wet the canvas prior painting

Water bottle spray – to create water dripping effect at the end and moist the canvas to keep the paint more fluid



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