• Maintaining moisture on your acrylic pallet during the painting process is of utmost importance for achieving optimal results.
  •  Acrylic paint is composed of pigments suspended in a water-based polymer emulsion.
  •  As the paint is exposed to air, it gradually begins to dry and form a skin on the surface of the pallet.
  •  This can lead to difficulties in mixing colors and can result in an uneven application on the canvas.
  •  By keeping your acrylic pallet moist, you ensure that the paint remains workable and easy to blend, allowing you to achieve smooth transitions and precise color mixing.
  •  Additionally, a moist pallet helps to prevent wasted paint, as it allows you to reactivate dried paint, thus reducing your overall paint consumption.
  •  Consequently, the habit of regularly misting or adding water to your acrylic pallet is a valuable technique that enhances the quality and versatility of your artwork.
  •  We recommend utilizing a water spray bottle to moisten your pallet. 
  •  This will ensure that your acrylic paint stays moist enough throughout your painting process.