• When faced with the issue of a shedding paintbrush, it is essential to tackle the situation with a calm and measured approach to achieve a smooth and flawless finish for your painting project.
  • Firstly, thoroughly inspect the paintbrush to identify any loose bristles.
  • Gently tug on these bristles to remove them, not damaging the brush further.
  • Next, dampen the paintbrush with water and carefully comb through the bristles using a fine-tooth comb or your fingers to remove any remaining loose strands.
  • Once all loose bristles have been removed, continue with your technique as usual, inspecting the brush periodically and repeating the process if shedding persists.
  • If your paintbrush sheds a bristle or two on your painting in progress, use any sharp object (such as a palette knife) to remove the bristle and continue to blend over the area until the paint is smooth without any marks.
remove bristle shed using sharp palette knife