This unique acrylic painting effect is my favorite technique. It utilizes bright acrylic paint colors, water, and plastic wrap.

  • Before starting, I want to caution you about the messiness of this painting technique. Ensure that you are working in a well-prepared space and wearing appropriate attire.
  •  Please select your preferred colors and directly apply them to your canvas. There is no correct or incorrect method for adding the color. In my rendition, I opted for ultramarine blue on the sides, followed by black and violet adjacent to the blue. In the center, I went with white, mid-yellow, and Indian yellow.
  •  To blend the colors, employ any paintbrush you prefer. Begin using an up-and-down motion, lightly mixing all the colors from the middle and moving outward. Remember to clean your paintbrush in between each color blend to maintain clean blending.
  •  Splash clean water onto the freshly painted canvas surface using an oval brush. Apply some force while splashing the water.
  •  Take a piece of available plastic wrap, crumple it into a ball, then unravel it and place it directly onto the splashed area of the canvas. If necessary, you can use multiple sections of plastic wrap.
  •  The challenging part is now complete, and all that remains is to let it dry for approximately 4-5 hours.
  •  Once completely dry, carefully lift the plastic wrap to reveal the natural and beautiful design created by gravity, water, and acrylic paint.
  • ¬†You can add designs that complement the abstract composition to enhance the painting. In my artwork, I chose to depict a tree silhouette.