Painting a Stairway into a Sunlit Forest | Narrated acrylic step by step landscape painting tutorial

June 17, 2024

COLORS: white, lemon yellow, indian yellow, yellow ochre, burnt sienna, vandyke brown, black

In this tutorial, various tools were used to create the painting:

1. Number four big square brush
2. Big oval brush
3. Ultrasoft blending brush
4. Small Filbert brush
5. Heat gun or hair dryer
6. Small square brush
7. Number two big square brush
8. Detail brush
9. Small Filbert brush
10. Number 1 big square brush
11. Custom bristle brush
12. Liner brush

These tools were instrumental in bringing each element of the sunlit forest scene to life in the painting process.

🎨 Painting a Stairway into a Sunlit Forest” | Step-by-Step Acrylic Landscape Tutorial

Welcome to a journey of creativity!

Join us as we transform a blank canvas into a breathtaking vision: a stairway leading into a sunlit forest.

Prepare your canvas and set your palette with cheerful colors like white, yellows, burnt sienna, brown, and black.

Begin with a number four big square brush, blending from light to dark to breathe life into our scene.

Transition seamlessly to a big oval brush, gently blending colors to craft a textured backdrop resembling a distant forest.

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Shift focus to detailing distant tree trunks with VanDyke Brown, merging them into the background for depth.

Introduce white paint for a sparkling tree foliage effect.

In the foreground, use yellow shades to sculpt grassy hills, adding depth and character to our landscape.

Swiftly dry the painting before continuing to define stairwell details with Indian yellow and subtle highlights.

Enhance tree trunks with nuanced yellow ochre tones and brighter highlights for depth.

Define individual stones on the stairwell with black paint, accentuating each stone’s unique character.

Brighten the scene by blending in more yellow and white highlights for a cohesive look.

Enrich tree foliage with burnt sienna and continue layering brighter highlights with pure yellow ochre.

Finish by infusing rays of sunshine with white and yellow hues, adding a touch of magic to the painting.

Step back, sign your creation, and revel in your masterpiece.

Join us on this creative exploration and let your artistic journey unfold! 🌿🌞🎨


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