How To: Beginner Landscape Acrylic Painting

May 1, 2024

Step-by-Step Descriptive Painting Tutorial Guide: Misty Morning Lake Engulfed in Sunshine

Welcome to this enriching video guide that will unveil the steps to painting a serene “Misty Morning Lake: Enveloped in Sunshine” using acrylic paints. Together, we’ll navigate through the process, making the artwork come alive with a limited palette of black, white, raw umber, and burnt sienna. Ready your brushes, and let’s dive into this artistic journey.

What you’ll need:

  • Acrylic paints: Black, White, Raw Umber, Burnt Sienna
  • Brushes: Big oval brush, 4-inch brush, Ultra-soft blending brush, Filbert brush, Detail brush
  • Other tools: Palette knife, Art sponge, Hairdryer
  • Canvas


  1. Preparing Your Canvas:
    Before we start, ensure your canvas is prepared following the instructions at This step is crucial for the best outcomes.
  2. Initial Tree Silhouettes:
  • Take your big oval brush and mix a bit of black with raw umber.
  • Starting from the center of the canvas, use this dark mixture to paint the silhouette of distant trees.
  • Simultaneously, mirror this silhouette below to create the reflection on the lake’s surface.
  1. Adding Highlights to Trees:
  • Switch to burnt sienna and lightly add highlights to the top edges of your trees, giving them depth and dimension.
  • Mirror these highlights in the water’s reflection by starting from the bottom and moving upwards.
  1. Creating Sparkling Leaves and Sunlit Sky:
  • With white paint on your oval brush, dab in some highlights on the trees to simulate sparkling leaves.
  • Next, paint the sky and the sunlight. It’s okay to mix a tiny bit of burnt sienna with white to give the sky a soft hue, adding to the morning warmth.
  1. Refining the Water’s Reflection:
  • Use your 4-inch brush in a vertical motion to softly blend the reflections on the water, pushing the paint downwards, then gently crossing a few times horizontally.
  • With the ultra-soft blending brush, smooth out these strokes to achieve a mirror-like effect on the water.
  1. Drying the Canvas:
  • At this point, it’s crucial to completely dry your canvas. Use a hairdryer to speed up the process, ensuring that the paint is set before proceeding.
  1. Painting the Sun:
  • Dip your finger in white paint, and in the sky area, gently dab in circular motions to create the shape of the sun.
  • Prepare the water section with your art sponge, slightly wetting it for the next steps.
  1. Creating Sun Rays and Reflection:
  • With the Filbert brush, manipulate the paint around the sun, pulling outwards to create the illusion of translucent sun rays.
  • Use the same brush to add the sun’s reflection on the lake, depicting a path of light across the water.
  1. Adding Sparkles on the Water:
  • Apply white paint with a palette knife to suggest sparkles on the water.
  • Use the detail brush to refine these sparkles, adding intricacy to their appearance.
  1. Final Touches:
    • Add a few sparkles in the air and over the trees with the detail brush for a magical effect.
    • Sign your painting discreetly to mark your creation.
  2. Admiring Your Masterpiece:
    • Step back and appreciate your newly painted “Misty Morning Lake: Enveloped in Sunshine.”
    • Revel in the peacefulness and satisfaction of your artistic accomplishment.

Through these detailed steps, you’ve brought to life a tranquil landscape that captures the serene essence of a misty morning lake bathed in sunlight. Remember, each painting journey is unique, and practice furthers perfection. We hope this guide inspires you to continue exploring the boundless possibilities of acrylic painting. Visit for more tutorials and artistic inspiration. Happy painting!

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