What makes a good logo stand out from the rest

Logo is the identity of your brand, your services and your foot hold in the market place. Most of the times the hardest part of establishing a company is not the start-up execution and management, but to select a perfect logo that describes your brand the best. If your logo is catchy, then it will give you an identity amongst the common man. Never settle down on anything less than a great logo for your company if you want to be recognized globally. Here are five reasons as to what makes a good logo stand out from the rest.

The Simpler, The Better:
The first key to a great logo is its simplicity. Your logo should be so easily understandable that people will know its meaning in a split second. The more complex your logo will be, the harder it will be for your audience to simplify and understand it. In the corporate world it is easier to explain the concept behind your logo design if it is simpler than the rest. Simple logos always tend to represent something unique. So, make sure when you get your logo design done, it is simple yet ecstatic.

Another aspect of a great logo design is that it is memorable. It should be made in a way that when someone mentions your brand name, the first thing that should come in their mind is your brand logo. Your logo is of no value if people cannot remember it. The logo design should be so powerful that it should be imprinted in the mind of the people once they see it, and the next time they see it somewhere else they should just know that it is your brand.

Targeted Logo:
Your logo should be target oriented. And that is how people will be able to relate it. Let us say if it is a fashion brand, it should have a logo design that represents the elements that point towards the brand’s services. If the brand products are for a sports niche, it should be lively and colorful. The colors, the fonts and the design of a logo play a great role in making a logo that is target oriented.

Not Time Bound:
We see that one of the important plus points of the logo of some prominent old companies is that, they are not time bound. They might have been made years back but their design just fits the ever changing generations. A logo design should not be something that looks appealing over a short period of time but losses its charm with time. So make sure to keep this factor in mind while creating a logo design.

Above all the logo design should be very versatile. When we see a lot of established companies around us, it is hard to pick a design which is totally original. A design that resembles someone else’s crashes your brand value to a great extent. The versatility of your logo helps you your company to stand out and be different. So, make sure when you get your logo design done, it is unique and versatile.

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